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Why is a package charged additional handling charge?

Hi everyone,

This month, Whitecloud Fly Inc. would like to share with you about additional handling fee charged toward packages.

When we pack a package but it does not meet UPS, FedEx requirements and UPS or FedEx need to handle it, the package will be charged additional handling fee.

The reasons for additional handling fee are:

Package dimension: 1) Package's longest side exceeds 48 inches 2) Package's second-longest side exceeds 30 inches Package weight: 3) Package's weight exceeds 50 lb Packing: 4) The item is not fully encased in an outer shipping container 5) Any item placed in a shipping container made of metal or wood 6) The shipment is covered in plastic wrap 7) Any cylindrical item, such as a barrel or tire, that is not completely encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container 8) Package has wheels, straps, or handles 9) A package which damaged other packages

Happy shipping!



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