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Why are my packages missing

Hello everyone!

Let’s talk about “Why are my packages missing” in this month.

When we send out packages, we all expect the packages will be delivered on time. Most packages are, but sometimes some packages are delayed, damaged or missing. None of us want this to happen. So today let’s talk about how to avoid these situations.

The first thing we can do is pack our packages well. If the items we plan to ship are very small, we still need to use at least a 7 x 4 x 2 (inch) box to ship them. This prevents the packages from going missing or being damaged. Sometimes, when packages are damaged too seriously to be transported to the final destination, the carriers may discard them. In the end, the receivers will not receive the packages. In the end, the receivers will wait in vain for the packages.

After making sure we packed the packages well, we need to follow up/ track the packages’ status on the carriers’ website. According to the tracking information, we will know where the packages are. Once the packages are delivered, we should bring them into our house as soon as possible. Unless the package needs a signature, the carrier will leave it at your front door, where it might be vulnerable to weather or vandalism. For any special situation (i.e. package damage, delay, status unknown, etc), we should contact customer service quickly to seek more information or help.

By doing these actions, we will have our packages delivered safely and on time.

Happy Shipping!

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