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10 Pallets shipping important information

Hello everyone!

Let’s talk about “pallet shipping” this month.

When the package length is over 108 inches and the weight is over 150 Lbs, it must be shipped via LTL, not small parcel shipping. Truck services can be roughly divided into the following three categories according to the number of pallets (40*48 inch pallets):

1. LTL (less-than-truckload): The number of pallets is 1 to 5 or 1 to 6, which may vary according to the freight company.

2. LTL-volume freight: The number of pallets is more than 5, but less than one truck.

3. FTL (full truckload): 26 pallets (53 ft truck) or 12 pallets (26 ft truck).

The carriers calculate the price differently based on the above categories. (For basic LTL quote, please check here:

To ensure you get the correct shipping quote, we have also listed some key points as follows

Precautions for quotes and creating BOL:

1. LTL quote on our shipping platform is for 1 to 5 pallets. For quoting for over 5 pallets, volume freight quote is required. Please send your freight information to your specialist for quoting. If you agree with the provided price, we will generate for you the BOL, which will be in your account for you to track the shipping status.

2. For FTL quote, please send your freight information to your specialist. If you agree with the provided price, we will generate for you the BOL, which will be in your account for you to track the shipping status.

3. Over-length and overweight shipments may need to be transported by FTL and may require special quotes. (Each shipping company on the platform has a different definition for over-length and overweight shipments. American standard length and width is 40x48 inches, special quoting is required for excessively oversized shipments.)

4. For cross-border shipments, such as Canada, Mexico import and export, the freight company does not include customs clearance; you will need to find a customs broker to handle the clearance.

5. LTL shipments must be placed on a pallet or a wooden box that can be lifted by a forklift truck.

6. If the receiver is located at a noncommercial delivery site, such as a large shopping mall, a warehouse that requires an appointment to enter, airport, church etc., you must specify it in the recipient's section to get a correct quote (there are options to choose from on the platform)

7. After creating the BOL, if additional services are used by the time the recipient receives the goods, such as asking the driver to help move in the shipment, or to deliver the goods at a specific time etc., there will be a re-bill to you. Please communicate clearly with the recipient if you want to avoid these situations.

8. Packaging: When you use LTL, the goods will be picked up and dropped off at different stations, being loaded on and off the trucks and trains to the destination; hence it is very important to pack your goods well.

9. When using LTL to ship the goods to an Amazon warehouse, you need to purchase the “delivery make an appointment” service, and the carriers will help you make an appointment with the warehouse. For FTL shipment to an Amazon warehouse, the Amazon seller must make an appointment themselves with Amazon and inform the carrier when the shipment needs to be delivered to the warehouse. The carrier will arrange a pickup time and deliver at the scheduled time. Amazon's order ID and reference number are required for shipments to an Amazon warehouse.

Thank you for reading.

Happy shipping!



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