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How to handle Lost or Damaged Packages

When shipping a package, sometimes the package is missing or arrived but damaged. What should you do in this case? How to handle Lost or Damaged Packages?

In these circumstances, it is crucial to promptly inform the shipping company (Your Whitecloud Fly Inc account manager). The sooner you report the issue, the more effectively the shipping company can handle it. Especially when a package is missing, if you notice no updates in the tracking information for an extended period, promptly request a package investigation from the shipping company. The sooner you do this, the higher the chance of the shipping company recovering the package.


To request a package investigation, you will need to provide the shipping company with a Proof of Value (POV) document for the contents of your package. This allows the shipping company to search for your package based on the information you provide. If the shipping company cannot locate your package, they will proceed with compensation. The compensation amount is determined by the insurance coverage you purchased and the value of your items. For example, if your POV shows a value of $200 and you did not purchase insurance, the shipping company will compensate you $100, as their standard coverage for each package is $100. If your POV shows a value of $200 and you purchased $300 in insurance, the shipping company will compensate you $200.


If your package arrives but the contents are damaged, the first step is to photograph the damage. These photos should show both the external damage to the package and the damage to the contents. Photos showing only the damage to the contents may not clearly indicate whether the damage occurred during transit; photos of the external damage help establish that. Additionally, you will need to provide a Proof of Value document and submit all this information to the shipping company for review. During this period, keep the damaged items as the shipping company may need to inspect them. The final decision on compensation will depend on their assessment of the damage. The assessment of damaged items often involves evaluating the packaging. If the shipping company determines that inadequate packaging led to the damage, they may not provide compensation.

These are the basic steps for handling lost or damaged packages during shipping.

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