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Advanced packaging

Previously, we shared the basic elements of good packaging. Today, we will discuss advanced packaging and how different items can meet packaging standards. Let's go through them one by one to share with everyone!



A variety of batteries are regulated as hazardous materials by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Air Transport Association (IATA). First, you will need to determine whether or not your battery shipment is regulated. Batteries requiring shipping papers may only be tendered by contract hazmat shippers.

When ship any device with batteries installed must have its on/off switch protected from being activated or have the batteries removed with the terminals protected Alternatively, such as in the case of electronic products sent for repair (e.g., computers and phones)

Batteries packing

Batteries packing


2. Bundled or Strapped Boxes

Only same-sized boxes may be strapped together. Use a minimum of four crisscrossed bands, two in each direction. An address label must be placed on each box. When strapping boxes together, each box must be strong enough to hold the total weight of the strapped bundle. For example, if two 15-pound boxes are banded together into a 30-pound package, both components should be in boxes with at least a 30-pound weight capacity. An Additional Handling charge may apply.

Bundled or Strapped Boxes


3.Electronic Media

If you need to transport electronic files containing sensitive personal information (such as personal, financial, or health data), courier companies offer special packaging options, such as UPS Express® Hard Pak - Secure packaging, for shipping. Additionally, the shipper should retain copies of the data and protect the information on the electronic file items through encryption or other technological means.


4.Fabric and Wallpaper

Rolled goods travel best when shipped in corrugated boxes. If a fabric or wallpaper roll is shipped in a bag, the carriers recommends a bag with a minimum thickness of six mils (0.15 mm). Make sure the bag is tightly wrapped and taped against the roll to reduce the risk of tearing. A tail on an item shipped in a bag must be compressed to the body of the item using tape. Place the address label on a flat surface of the item being shipped. Place duplicate address labels inside cores or between top layers of material. An Additional Handling charge may apply.

Rolled goods



5.Irregularly Shaped Items and Bare Metals

Tape the address label on a flat surface of the item being shipped. Cover the label with clear tape. Do not use “flying tags” attached by string or metal. Blunt all sharp or protruding edges with taped-on, corrugated cardboard pieces. Protect the surface of the item as needed. An Additional Handling charge will apply.

Irregularly Shaped Items

(After blunt all sharp or protruding edges, and then but in to box )

Irregularly Shaped Items



Apply a wide band of pressure-sensitive tape through the center and completely around the body of the tire so that the tape is attached to itself. Attach your address label to the tape band where it covers the tread. Cover the entire label with clear tape. An Additional Handling charge will apply.

Tires packing

If you pack a tire in a box:

  • A. Cushion the bottom of the box with 3" of bubble packaging.

  • B. Place the tire inside the box.

  • C. Cushion the sides and top of the box with 3" of bubble packaging or other cushioning material.

  • D. Tape the box and apply a shipping label on top of the box.


7. How to ship a car hood

  • A. Pad and cover pointed or sharp edges with corrugated cardboard, foam padding, or bubble packaging and tape all packaging securely in place.

  • B. Cushion and box all exposed metallic surfaces that are could be scratched or dented.

How to ship a car hood


How to ship a car hood

8.How to ship a bumper

If the bumper is susceptible to scratches or dents, box or wrap it in heavy-duty plastic bags with plenty of protective padding. Then tape all the packaging in place securely. Be sure to use enough padding to fully cover sharp or pointed corners.

How to ship a bumper

(Reference from UPS and FedEx)

Thank you for your reading! Happy shipping!


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