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How to file a trace on

🔍 Step 1: Access

Click on "Help" in the upper right corner.

Select "Find missing Mail" from the options.

If you don't have a post office account, click "Register" to create one for easier form completion later.




🖱️ Step 2: Fill Out the Request Help Form Online

Choose 2. Complete a Help Request Form

Click "Start your form" and provide the necessary information. Submit the form online; it will be sent to the local post office for investigation.


📞 Step 3: Call USPS Customer Service

If you prefer direct communication, call USPS customer service at 800-275-8777.

Explain the circumstances of the lost package to generate a Case Number. Note it down for reference.


⏰ Step 4: Wait and Track

Allow 48 hours for a response. If none received, call USPS for progress updates.

If you filled out the form and haven't received a response in seven business days, initiate a "Lost Email Search."


💼 Supplementary Information

Provide detailed package information in the form.

Include sender and receiver addresses, package size, and specific details about the contents (brand, color, size, etc.).

By following these steps and providing comprehensive information, you increase the chances of retrieving your lost package promptly.




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