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Customs invoice

Hello everyone,


Today, we would like to provide some detailed information about the invoice requirements for customs when sending international packages. When mailing international packages, you need to attach this invoice to the package. (The following information is sourced from the official DHL website: DHL Customs Invoice Information: :


Customs invoice (Commercial/Proforma) details are provided by the shipper and is used for declaring relevant information to customs authorities for clearance purposes. The details assist the customs authorities in assessing and determining the applicable duties and taxes, conduct risk assessments and other relevant procedures.

Customs invoice details should include all the key information and complete commodity details for efficient and timely customs clearance. Some key data elements include (but not limited to) are:

  • Shipper/exporter and receiver/importer address and contact details

  • Identification number and/or tax ID for the shipper and/or the receiver

  • Breakdown of transaction costs, such as goods value, insurance, freight and packaging

  • Currency code used in the transaction

  • Incoterm and place applied

  • Reason for the export, such as sale, gift, return, sample

Each commodity in the shipment must be listed with these details 

  • Description of good in precise and plain language

  • Harmonized System (HS) code

  • Country of Origin (where the item was produced or manufactured)

  • Quantity, Unit of Measure

  • Weight

  • Value

As needed requirements should be documented 

  • Proof of Origin Statement

  • Export/Import Permits, Licenses and Certificates

  • Other Government Requirements

Invoice Types 

There are two different types of invoices required for customs clearance: Commercial or Proforma. The invoice you use depends on the purpose of the shipment and regulations of the countries involved. 

Commercial Invoice

  • Generally used when items shipped are part of a commercial transaction (between the buyer and seller of the goods)

Proforma Invoice

  • Typically used when items shipped have not been purchased and are not intended for resale, like personal items, gift or a return shipment

  • Use of Proforma invoice is subject to regulations of countries involved

Here are the details of the invoice. It may seem quite complicated, but in our system, you can easily generate invoices that comply with customs regulations.


Thank you for your reading!

DHL express


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